Cyborg Cop II: “We Have Robocop 2 at Home” (Review)

Hot off the heels of Cyborg Cop, a direct-to-video action movie with a title that screams “we heard you liked Robocop but thought it was too good a movie, comes Cyborg Cop II. DEA Agent Jack Ryan has captured his arch-nemesis Nightraven, only to find out that he has been stolen away by an anti-terrorist taskforce in order to be turned into a cyborg. Because that’s a great idea, am I right?

Cyborg Cop II is a briskly paced action movie that has a few alright action scenes and totally skimps on anything even approaching characterization. You know those Lethal Weapon sequels that were made in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? Imagine those, but completely devoid of a likable cast, and with an even more outrageous plot.

I mean seriously, a crazy drug dealer that has been turned into a cyborg law enforcement unit that goes rogue? That’s not only the dumbest premise for a movie that I’ve ever heard of, it’s also a rip off of the plot to Robocop 2!

The biggest problem that this movie has is how much it tries to get done on, what I can imagine, was a shoe-string budget. I counted no-less than 5 major set pieces in this movie (the opening drug bust, the reveal of the Cyborg Cops/them going haywire, the battle at a gas station, the battle in someones garage, and the final showdown between Jack and Nightraven) and all of them suffered from a lack of scale. These scenes were supposed to be the biggest moments in the movie and I can’t remember a thing about them. While I know dumb action is sorta the point of these movies, I can’t help but feel like cutting one or two of these sequences from the movie would’ve done a lot to improve the flow/scale of the film. As is though, it’s a disjoined and over the top mess.

I tend to recommend straight-to-video mockbusters whenever I get the chance to. I think that movies like these are usually the source of good, disposable fun and that they’re the kind of entertainment that’s ripe for having a few drinks and pizza with friends over. But can I recommend Cyborg Cop II? Not really. I don’t think it’s that bad, but it doesn’t really do anything to justify its existence. Is it over the top? Yeah. Silly? You bet. But it doesn’t do anything that wasn’t done in the original Cyborg Cop (slightly) better than it was done here.

As it stands, I’d pass on Cyborg Cop II. Who knows though, maybe Cyborg Cop III is a step better than this?

I hope you enjoyed this review! If you wanna hear more about what I think this movie failed at on a fundamental level, feel free to check out my podcast episode on the movie! You can watch it over on YouTube or from your favorite podcast player!

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